do you teach from an empowered place?

Dates | May 14-18, 2018
Times | 9-6p each day
Location | Zen Yoga Garage, Bucktown, Chicago, IL
Contributing Teachers | Anna Argeropoulos, Tracy Bleier, Angie Starz

By choosing to teach, we have chosen to be of service.  We show up, let go of our own agenda, listen to the needs of our students and offer a safe and sacred space for healing.  When we teach, we have the opportunity to encourage students to listen, not to us, but to their own inner wisdom, to move and breathe in a way that assists them in finding strength, acceptance and balance.  We say what needs to be said and hold space for what needs to be felt.  We support students to respond with calm, kindness and reverence to their bodies.  When we teach from an EMPOWERED place, we create a space where true healing can occur.

In this module you will:

  • Equip yourself with tools to teach from a place of empowerment

  • Explore methods that support healing so that you're prepared to hold space for whoever shows up

    • In body:
      • Develop insights and tools to accommodate for common injuries + conditions 
      • Dive in to the studies of Prenatal + Postnatal care, earning a certificate of completion
    • In mind:
      • Learn techniques (asana, pranayama + meditation) to alleviate stress, anxiety + depression
    • In heart: 
      • Study Trauma Informed Yoga with an expert in the field of psychology and Yoga
  • Gain confidence in Energetic Hands-on Assists

  • Become confident and powerful in your individualized sessions

EMPOWERED can be taken independently or as a part of your YA 300HR certification.  With our unique curriculum and pay per module pricing, modules can be taken in any order.


  • $550 Early Bird (paid in full by April 14, 2018)

  • $650 Regular Price*

*inquire about our Full-Time Yoga Teacher Scholarship

You are very powerful, provided you know how powerful you are.
— Yogi Bhajan